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The Process

  • Begins with a meeting to discuss portrait details, such as, single person or group portrait, pets or furnishings to be included, the desired mood and clothing for the painting (formal or casual), background (indoor or outdoor), and where you plan to hang your finished portrait.
  • An appointment is made at this time for the taking of necessary photographs (unless, the subject is not available, as in the case of a posthumous portrait, in which case available photographs will be used).
  • The best of the photography will be shown to you for your comments. Taking your comments into consideration, preliminary studies are prepared for your review before the painting is started.
  • The portrait is created in my Ellicott City studio using the selected photos and studies for reference. In the case of a person portrait, I may require you to come as pose in the studio for additional referencing. The work should be completed within 3 months from your approval of the photos and preliminary studies.

I also have studio certificates available! They make great gifts!

Order Options

Size Black & White
Oil on Canvas
11 x 14 150. 300. 350.
16 x 20 175. 350. 450.
18 x 24 200. 400. 550.
24 x 36 250. 450. 750.

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